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Meet The

2,000 hand drawn, comic styled, and randomly generated characters, created by the Red Order, bent on creating mischief...while having a good time.

The Collection

The NFT Collection

The Henchmen is a collection of 2,000 hand drawn and randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Polygon network. The Henchmen are the first series of NFTs developed by The Red Order, a syndicate of villains within the crypto space.

Hand-Drawn and Unique

The Henchmen collection is a unique take on PFP NFTs as it mixes traditional mediums with AI technology. The collection assets were completely drawn by hand, then ran through a randomization process, before finally being curated by the team for release.

No WhiteList or Presale

The entire collection is made available to the public on day one, right on Opensea via the Polygon Network. That means no whitelisting/presale, and no gas wars. We want to keep the drop accessible and fair to as many members as possible.

The Backstory

While Spectre worked in the lab trying to manufacture the perfect soldier, someone tampered with the code and deployed a fleet in error. The result was the Henchmen, a series of mischievous subordinates with loyalties to, well, no one really. Bent on causing all sorts of chaos, it was originally decided to upload the kill-code, but upon further deliberation, the Order embraced the fleet, making the Henchmen the first line of offence in the syndicate.

The Henchmen are modular, able to take on different roles and perform a variety of tasks. Each one posses different attributes, from their masks, to their body suits, weapons, and tech. They lack the Moral & Intricate Net Drives (M.I.N.Ds) to be anything more than task rabbits and, occasionally, practice targets. But they're family...and well, you know what they say about family...

The Roadmap

To grow the community, we've got contests and giveaways all through our roadmap. We'll be revealing more adventures as we progress, so stay tuned for fun stuff!

10% — Henchmen NFT airdrops

10 NFT holders will receive one additional Henchmen via airdrop.

20% — 1 ETH giveaway

One NFT holder will be selected at random to receive 1 ETH.

30% — Exclusive merch drop + NFT airdrops

NFT holders will be chosen at random to receive exclusive merch and another 10 Henchmen NFTs will be airdropped.

40% — $10,000 buy-back for $ORDR

$10,000 will be used to gradually buy back some $ORDR tokens, helping revive the chart and locking up some value.

50% — $ORDR token + NFT airdrops

NFT holders chosen at random will receive $ORDR token airdrops and another 10 Henchmen NFTs will be airdropped.

60% — Official merch store launch with $ORDR integration

The full development and launch of our merch store with custom $ORDR token integration. $ORDR token will grant access to discounts within the store.

70% — 2 ETH giveaway + NFT airdrops

Two NFT holders will be selected at random to receive 1 ETH each and another 10 Henchmen NFTs will be airdropped.

80% — Launch $30,000 B.A.N.K program

The creation of the "Bad Accounting and Nefarious Kickback" program or B.A.N.K. This will be a community fund, started with $30,000, and managed by NFT holders to do with what they wish. Develop new characters, pay for listings/marketing, dissolve amongst them, launch other evil programs...

90% — Brutes reinforcement inbound

The creation and release of the Brutes NFTs, meant to serve as reinforcements and grow the Red Order army.

100% — Creation of the LAIR

Every villain needs a place of quiet and collaboration as they plot the next move. This will be a member only space, designed for collaborations, exclusive drops, hanging out, and receiving the latest in development news. Other amenities will be revealed as we get closer to the goal.


NFTs or “Non-fungible tokens” are a unique, one of kind digital piece of art that collectors can buy, own, trade and resell online through NFT marketplaces like Opensea. Many NFTs offer additional utility to the owners of them, such as membership in exclusive clubs like the LAIR, which provides access to members only raffle giveaways, contests, and much more.

You can buy a Henchmen NFT directly on the Opensea marketplace. You should have a Metamask wallet with some ETH in it to interact with the marketplace. Visit The Henchmen Collection page, connect your wallet to Opensea, and sign the transaction in Metamask to complete your purchase.

There is a total of 2,000 Henchmen available on launch and they will cost 0.044 Eth each.

Once you own your Henchmen NFT, it's yours to do with what you like. You've got the full creative license to your NFT, up until the point you sell it, if you choose. You can sell it, print it, rent it, create with it, and many other its. If you have specific questions about the licensing, reach out to us via email at:

Your NFT will appear in your Metamask wallet address that you used to make the purchase. You can see them directly in your Metamask wallet or more properly on the Opensea website, where you can also buy and sell specific Henchmen on the secondary market with other collectors.

A fair and public drop is what we aimed for. Releasing the collection on Opensea all at once and with no white-listing and presales ensures everyone gets a fair chance of picking up a Henchmen. You'll be able to see, pick, and purchase the exact Henchmen you want! We chose to release the collection on Polygon, which is just a layer 2 solution built on top of Eth, as a way to help fight some of the gas fees typically found on the Eth mainnet. When purchasing over on the Polygon Network, you should experience little to no gas fees per purchase. 

You'll need to bridge over to the Polygon network to enjoy an almost gasless experience when purchasing. You can bridge directly on Opensea. There will be a gas fee for the initial bridge transaction, but then you'll be able to purchase as many NFTs as you want with little to no gas fees! For more information, and a step-by-step guide for prepping your ETH, click this link.

The Team

The Henchmen collection is the first NFT drop by the team over at the Red Order. Learn more about the Red Order project, the native $ORDR token, the custom characters, and future development plans over at